Lightweight Aggregates

What are lightweight aggregates?

As the name would suggest, Lightweight Aggregates have a lower bulk density than similar sized aggregates. Many are made as by-products, for example Lytag (see image to the right) is made from fuel burnt in energy stations, meaning the use of them can have less impact on resources than quarried materials. Other Light Aggregates are made from expanded clay which are shaped into small balls through a process known as pelletizing and sintering at high temperatures in the oven. 

At Earth, we supply a range of different lightweight aggregate options for different construction applications – call us so we can advise you on the best product for your project.

What are lightweight aggregates used for?

Lightweight aggregates have a variety of different uses including drainage, fill, insulation and road surfacing. They are mixed to produce lightweight structural concrete and plaster aggregates. They can also be used as soil conditioners, blended to make lightweight substrates, and in planting.

What is the bulk density of lightweight aggregate?

Bulk density varies depending on the type of product and the grade. Call us for data sheets or more information.

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Delivery available loose in 8 wheel tippers, grabs and artic lorries as well as in bulk bags.

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