What are permeable Aggregates?

A permeable aggregate is an angular stone of various grades, impervious to water that allows excess runoff to drain by infiltrating its voids. It is a “no- fines” material often used in SuDs (Sustainable urban Drainage Systems.) SuDs are an approach to handling surface water in an environmentally sound way – minimising pollution, reducing flooding, and reducing the need for extra sewerage. Permeable aggregates can be made from a primary or recycled material and is most commonly graded 2-6mm, 4/20mm and 10/63mm.

What are permeable aggregates used for?

Permeable paving aggregates are used in drainage applications and bedding layers below block paving or driveways.

What is the bulk density of permeable aggregates?

2-6mm = 1.31 tonne per m3 loose or 1.46 tonne per m3 compacted.

4/20mm = 1.45 tonne per m3 loose or 1.60 tonne per m3 compacted.

10/63mm = 1.7 tonne per m3 loose or 1.85 tonne per m3 compacted.

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permeable earth
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Delivery available loose in 8 wheel tippers, grabs and artic lorries as well as in bulk bags.

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