Type 3 Clause 805

What is Type 3 Clause 805 ?

Type 3 is a sub-base made from natural stone similar to Mot 1, but with a reduced level of fines allowing water to permeate better. Often referred to at MOT Type3, or DOT Type 3, it must comply with the Department of Transport Clause 805.

This material is used hardstanding in SuDs (Sustainable Drainage System) projects where better drainage is required than would typically be achieved by a MOT1. Most commonly, it is graded from 50/0mm however it is also available as a 70/0mm. It is frost resistant when used 450mm below surface.

What is Type 3 used for?

Type 3 is used as a sub-base for sports pitches, equestrian arenas, and in patio or driveway installations. It is also used for paths, haul roads and as fill material.

What is the bulk density of Mot Type 3?

1.6 tonne loose or 1.84 tonne compacted.

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Delivery available loose in 8 wheel tippers, grabs and artic lorries as well as in bulk bags.

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