Introducing Earth Haulage

Earth Haulage is making its debut in the market. Today’s article reveals how we’re planning to improve the industry as we know it and the steps we’re taking to help our customers make eco-friendly choices that are kind to the planet. 

Welcome to Earth!

Being the first landscape supply and waste management company to focus its efforts on environmental conservation entirely, Earth Haulage is set to raise the by making sustainability more accessible and affordable for everyone in the landscape and build industry.

With its ‘planet-comes-first’ model, Earth Haulage makes recycled and locally sourced products readily available for those who want to transition to a more sustainable way of doing things, or need a high-quality product without worrying about it costing the earth - literally.

“I’ve always felt a deep environmental responsibility and reducing our impact on the planet has never been more important,’ explains Ben Tully, Founder and Director of Earth Haulage. “How we build our landscapes now will have an impact on the world we hand over to future generations, and as things stand, none of us can be sure of what the future will look like for the environment.”

“While consumers are becoming ever more eco-conscious, unfortunately, the landscaping industry isn’t changing fast enough. Businesses can lead the way when it comes to sustained focus and true, long-lasting reforms. Earth is a business concept that I’ve been developing for some time, and while it’s taken many obstacles to get the business to where it is today, the mission is just as clear now as it was on day one: put the planet first while never compromising on quality or cost.” 

Soil Supply

We manufacture and supply a range of BS and specific purposes soils, including multipurpose topsoil, rootzones, roof substrates and other specialist soils as well as compost, subsoils and sports sands – but this is just a hint of what we can offer in the future. See what soils we can supply here. We’re working hard to establish a more comprehensive range of soil products and put the building blocks in place to curate a truly exceptional range of soil products – later this year (Spring 2022), we’ll see the expansion of this division, so watch this space for more details. 


Our goals for waste management are centred around a commitment to keeping landfill waste as low as possible by following best practices as outlined by the IEMA (The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) and recycling as much as possible. Being licenced waste carriers, removing inert surplus waste, including asbestos-contaminated, high-level heavy metal contaminants, and invasive weeds such as Knotweed of Marestail is something we have to get right every time. Click here to learn more.

To help our customers enjoy peace of mind, we offer a testing service, and our licensed waste disposal facilities produce a traceable documented waste stream. In keeping with our vision, we want to make sure our people gain the skills they need to remove waste the right way, so all our staff undertake CIWM (Chartered Institute of Waste Management) training. Our Director himself is even working towards achieving a Chartered Waste Resource Management degree.



Consumers are relying on digital apps these days, and we want to make our ordering process as quick and efficient for our customers as possible. To ensure we continue to move forwards, we’ll develop and launch automated email delivery updates, so you know exactly when your order will be arriving. A web portal will help you stay informed and tell you the exact status of your delivery. Soon, you’ll be able to use an app-based ordering service and an interactive image-based ordering system for our waste removal services, letting you send a quick photo of your site for a quote.  

Our products and services:

We can’t wait to demonstrate what’s possible when a business puts the environment first. It’s an exciting new chapter, and we’re excited to bring the following eco-friendly options to the market:

Low-emissions Haulage 

We’re serious about being as carbon neutral as possible, so we operate on an in-load out-load model to reduce our environmental impact.


We source products closest to you, and our lorries are all Euro V5 standard, meaning they give off the lowest emissions. Click here to learn more. We are members of the Woodland Trust and donate each year to their carbon-reducing tree planting scheme.


Recycled and Primary Aggregates

By giving our clients the option to choose from a wide variety of better products and services for the environment, we can begin to make a real difference. 

From Recycled Type 1 Crushed Concrete to locally sourced Cotswold Chippings, our team can produce, supply and deliver a wide variety of aggregates for you.

Our highly skilled and passionate team have extensive experience from across the industry, meaning that they can leverage their intrinsic knowledge base to give our customers the right materials every time, no matter the scale of their project.


For more information about Earth Haulage, feel free to browse the rest of our website and take a look at our other news posts. For all media enquiries, please get in touch with Catherine Hills at Brass Bee Marketing. If you’d like to discuss an order for a project, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team by clicking the link below:

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Delivery available loose in 8 wheel tippers, grabs and artic lorries as well as in bulk bags.

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