Supplying high-profile holiday park: decorative boulders

Yorkstone boulders find their home along a winding pathway at an award-winning forest holiday destination, helping to create a natural-style landscape.  

As the old saying goes, ‘there is no path to happiness, happiness is the path’ – and that certainly rings true for this nice little project. We were delighted to supply decorative Yorkstone boulders to a well-known luxury family holiday park set in the forests of Bedfordshire. The boulders were used to line a busy entry path, preventing visitors from parking their cars and bikes on the verge. The boulders are large enough to help keep the route clear, but not in a way that overbears the surroundings. With their weathered form and sandy tones, they help to give the pathway a wild, rustic style that perfectly fits in with the holiday park’s brand. The client preferred an unobtrusive parking deterrent that would look subtle rather than a more prominent option such as a line of bollards or a steel barrier.

Any experienced landscaper will know that it’s notoriously tricky to position boulders in a natural way without them looking out of place. The client ordered the boulders in three different size grades, which helps keep the arrangement looking natural – as if someone simply gathered them from nearby rather than being delivered from another part of the country altogether.

Dedicated to supplying quality British materials.

A renowned sandstone from Yorkshire, Yorkstone is a beautiful resource quarried from our green and pleasant land.

Yorkstone is valued for being solid and durable, with wonderful golden tones and an aged aesthetic. Its fish-friendly qualities make it a popular choice for water features and ponds. It is an ideal natural stone material for both paving and construction projects and, as such, can be found in buildings across the country, from houses to cathedrals.  

Looking after our clients while offering sustainable options

Our approach combines a sustainable approach with competitive prices, quick deliveries and outstanding customer service. In keeping with our environmental values, Earth Haulage delivers high-quality, locally accessible products to our customers, and this project was no different.

Our highly skilled team have a broad, comprehensive experience of the industry, so when it comes to sourcing decorative boulders, they know precisely how to locate materials closest to the client and keep mileage to a minimum. We encourage all our clients to explore landscaping products that can be sourced locally to their site as there will always be the most sustainable options. With Yorkstone being such a premium material, choosing this British stone over an imported option wasn’t difficult.

Choose Earth Haulage’s Self-Binding Gravel for paths.

With a level surface being an essential consideration for pathways in public spaces, it is worth shining the spotlight on the benefits of Self-Binding Gravel. Self-Binding Gravel is a superb product for creating a smooth and flat finish when a natural aesthetic is desired in high footfall areas and is commonly found in holiday parks, golf courses, cycle paths, and national parks.

Our self-binding gravel is made from fine and coarse gravel with a tightly bound finish. When compacted, it creates a semi-firm surface ideal for pedestrians, prams, pushchairs and golf carts.

Earth Haulage has a reputation for delivering exceptional and sustainable hard landscaping materials. Contact us today on 01784 279353 or email to discuss your requirements in more detail. 

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